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corporate culture

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corporate culture
Text label:港特企业文化

Business philosophy - customer first, sincere cooperation, diligence, innovation, the pursuit of excellence
Quality policy: customer, team work, continuous improvement, striving for excellence
Quality objectives - improve product yield, improve on-time delivery, and improve customer satisfaction
Quality policy: a company external customer loss as the target is zero; staff comply with operating standards; rapid processing, inquisitive, prevention of adverse recurrence

Company core values
—— Create profits, feedback customers, companies, shareholders, employees; - modest, to domestic and foreign outstanding enterprises to learn, diligence, innovation, the pursuit of excellence.
——  we are determined to become a world-class power transformer supplier;
—— create profits, feedback to customers, companies, shareholders, employees;
——  to contribute to the revitalization of the national industry;
——  active, responsible and sincere cooperation;
——  promoting scientific principles of respecting knowledge, respecting talents and seeking truth from facts;
——  the principle of democratization of decision-making and authority of management,
The system is based on human beings and must not be abandoned by human beings so as to achieve effective management;
——  modestly learning from excellent domestic and overseas enterprises, diligent, innovative, and striving for excellence.
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