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    10 years brand precipitation
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    10 years brand precipitationWord mouth is trustworthy
    Port special 10 years has always been focused on laser products research and development, manufacturing, sales and service of one-stop service.
    Over the past 10 years, I have accumulated rich experience in industry and talent resources, serving thousands of customers.
    Institutions of higher learning and scientific research institutionsClose cooperationPatented technology
    Hong Kong and the domestic and foreign well-known institutions of higher learning, scientific research institutions in close cooperation with a group of first-class research and development experts
    Has a number of national technical patents, products have passed the national ISO9001 and CE certification, the United States FDA certification
    Advanced processing equipmentUpgrade product quality
    The introduction of European and American, Japan advanced technology and equipment
    The core device laser is imported by IPG or SPI
    Professional technical teamProvide professional technical support
    Provide products, industry information, free proofing and other related convenience, can be tailored to any model
    To provide samples, equipment selection, installation and commissioning, on-site installation, technical guidance in the factory and other one-stop service
    National network directly underService is more awesome
    Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Taiwan and other regions have set up branches, nationwide coverage of after-sales service outlets and technical support
    Equipment free warranty for one year, life-long maintenance, 24 hours to answer customer queries
Shenzhen city science and Technology Co. Ltd is a high-tech enterprise, specializing in the design and manufacturing of transformer used in high power electronic industry reactor, located in Chinese high-tech industrial base - Shenzhen.
High efficiency of transformer and reactor main products include dry H 50VA-1500KVA; products are widely used in photovoltaic, wind power, machinery, uninterruptible power supply, emergency power supply, inverter and power quality control etc..
The company's R & D team has a research and experience Shenzhen's influence on magnetic devices in high power electronic circuits, while the introduction of foreign mature technology, the application of professional design software, the product can see in the design stage...

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Common problem
  • What are the methods of transformer drying treatment?

    What are the methods of transformer drying treatment? 1 、 induction heating method The method is to place the device in the tank, and the coil of the outer winding is connected with the power frequency current to dry by the heat of eddy current loss in the oil tank wall. The temperature of the box wall shall not exceed 115~120 degrees centigrade, and the temperature of the body shall not exceed 90~95 degrees centigrade. In order to winding the convenience, as much as possible to make the coil less turns or less current, the general current selected 150A, wire can be used 35~50mm2 wire. A plurality of tampons can be placed on the wall of the tank, and the wires are wound around the asbestos strip.

  • There are three kinds of wind power transformer

    There are three kinds of wind power transformer: 1, relatively small wind power generation (such as 1MW or so), the transformer is placed outside the tower, similar to the American box change. Well, as far as I know, there are more manufacturers now. Relatively early and more is Zhejiang Xiangshan Tian An transformer company.

  • Regulator is a gift refrigerator, by lightning, not start, no warranty?

    Regulator is a gift refrigerator, by lightning, not start, no warranty? Recently, the Zhanhua County Consumers Association under the depression branch successfully mediation together with the voltage regulator quality problems caused by household appliances by lightning consumer disputes. After mediation, the operators maintain the main components of the electrical appliances and compensate the consumers for 200 yuan of economic losses. .

  • Voltage regulator power consumption?

    General customers buy home regulators, began to consider a number of issues, such as voltage regulator after the use of electricity is rapidly increasing? Now, electrical appliances have begun to transform into low energy, power consumption is more concerned about the term, is also a country must consider the problem and save energy. What is the power consumption of the general household voltage regulator?

  • Why is the air conditioner in the home not open in winter, can use manostat?

    Along with the modern people's living standards greatly improved also increased requirements for electrical life or other material, which means that the pressure of power will lead to weight gain year then generator overload is produced with power grid line overload pressure drop, and finally to the user there is no normal voltage especially now. If winter comes, the indoor temperature is low generally at home and some units will open air-conditioning or heating directly leads to a voltage drop, voltage to the lower end of the line, the general air conditioning voltage is not lower than 200V, if lower than this voltage if it leads to air conditioning does not work in this case is best not to use air conditioning to completely solve the problem, I suggest that the choice of voltage regulator, the voltage up to 220V after use. Here I teach you how to choose