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     Shenzhen.Hong Kong Science & Technology Co ..Ltd .is a company specializing in ang manufacture of High-tech enterprises of the power electronics industry transformers,reactors used inhigh –power, and is Located in the high-tech industry base in China-Shenzhen.

     Our main products includedry-Class H 50VA-1500KVA efficient transformers and reactors: Our products arewidely used in the field ofphotovoltaic, wind power mechanical ,uninterruptible power supply. Emergency power supply ,inverter and power quality governance, 

     The company′s R & D team of magnetic devices in high power electronic circuit has a profound study and experience, while the introduction of mature foreign technology ,the application of professional design  software, such products can be seen from the R& D and design stge, so that we to customers fast, accurate  and reliable products and services, to achieve the greatest benefit for customers, Highly automated  manufacturing and testing equipment to fully guarantee the stability and consistency of product quality.


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Corporate name:Shenzhen city science and Technology Co. Ltd.
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